LADIESFUND® hosts the worldwide launch of Commonwealth Business Women

Commonwealth Business Women

Karachi: LADIESFUND® heralded the international launch of Commonwealth Business Women, an initiative spearheaded by Pakistan, Australia and the UK and formalized at the recent CHOGM Perth 2011 gathering of Commonwealth Business Leaders. A milestone gathering of Pakistani women CEOs, leaders and trailblazers gathered together at the residence of Tara Uzra Dawood, President and Founder of Dawood Global Foundation and LADIESFUND®.

Freda Miriklis
Freda Miriklis

Special Guest Freda Miriklis, President, International Federation of Business and Professional Women, flew from Australia, and former BPW President Liz Benham, flew in from the US. Melissa Kelly of the Australian High Commission flew from Islamabad; Mary Vargas, Becky Seweryn and Anne Bennett came from the US Consulate; and Nadia Munawer came from London.

Other prominent guests include the who’s who of women in positions of leadership and influence including

  • Dr. Salima Ahmed (Pakistani President, BPW)
  • Maheen Khan
  • Yasmeen Peermohamad (Country Manager, Swiss Airlines)
  • Maheen Rahman (CEO, IGI Funds)
  • Naila Naqvi (Founder, Pie in the Sky, Chatterbox)
  • Bina Shah (prominent author)
  • Peng Qureshi
  • Nilofer Saeed (Founder, Hobnob Group)
  • Sidra Iqbal (tv personality, CEO StatusPro)
  • Shamain Faruque (top bridal make-up artist)
  • Laeeq Akbar (CEO, Oxygen Spa)
  • Sadia Khan (shipping magnate)
  • Fiza Chaudry (CEO, OCS)
  • and Dr. Fadieleh Sohail.

Arif Zaman of the Commonwealth Business Council, who’s brainchild CBW was also in attendance.